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Shutter App Tutorial

Description of the Shutter App Portal and Shutter App

Shutter App Portal. Photographer takes photos on model's smartphone camera remotely, using Shutter App Portal - web application ( This portal can be accessed from any place in the world from any computer.

Shutter App. The Photographer's Client (further Model) installs and launches the Shutter App (available on both App Store and Google Play via link, sets up the smartphone, which will be used for the photo shoot.

Here you can see how the application looks on the phone. There is an ID to share with the photographer to start the photo shoot.
Starting the photo session.
To start the photo session photographer needs to access the Shutter App Portal using the Chrome or Safari browsers on computer or laptop (we do not support mobile browsers for the time being).

Log in to the Portal with your Google or Facebook account. The service is absolutely free at the moment:

Photographer can send to model a link to download the application: It's free and available for iOS and Android.

In the Shutter App Portal Photographer needs to Click "Start new session", enter your Model's ID and name (optional) to send the request and start the shoot. When the photo shoot starts the photographer will get full control of the model's camera during the photo session.

Security notice. The access to the cameras, microphone and speakers is provided for the time of the session only. After the Shutter App is closed, the access to cameras, mic and speakers is restricted automatically. The results of the photo session will be stored in a protected cloud, which is available only for the photographer through the Shutter App Portal. Shutter App stores only photos, made by the photographer, no sound or other data.

Running the photoshoot. After the photo session has started one will see the video stream (in Safari browser one needs to press "Play" icon). The quality of video stream doesn't affect the quality of pictures. The quality of the photos will be as high as smartphone's camera supports.

As a photographer you will get access to a list of controls. Choose which camera on the photo to use, use auto focus or switch it to focus on click or manual focus, control the exposure and white balance.

During the shoot you can share any preview with your model. Once you share they will see the picture on their screen.

Turn on your web camera. We support face to face video stream! Find the button under the shutter button to turn your webcam on so your model will be able to see you.

Below is an example how photographer's Shutter App Portal looks during the photo shoot:
All photos are securely stored in the cloud and only the photographer can get access to them.

Ending the session.
After you have finished the session, press the cross in the upper right corner of the Portal. The Portal will ask the photographer, whether he or she wants to finish the session. By pressing yes, you will finalise the session.

Important! It may take some time for photos to be uploaded into the Portal. Please, wait. Pictures are uploading from the mobile app (photos are not available to model).

The speed of upload depends on the Model's internet connection. It may be the case, that photos will be uploaded only after the Model reaches Wi-Fi (depends on the settings).

Important remark. Photos are never lost. If you have concerns, please contact Shutter App Support and provide the session details (Model ID, date and time of the session).

Sending the processed pictures to the model.
When post-processed pictures are ready the photographer can also share them with the model using Shutter App. Choose the photo shoot folder and then upload the retouched pictures to the "retouched" folder. Your client will receive pictures through the mobile application.
Every session is available in photographer's account. Choose any session and download the pictures.

After the session, photographer can drag and drop the pictures he/she wants to send to the model into the Retouched photos folder and the model will immediately get the photos in her mobile app.
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