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How to download all pictures? Download takes too long...
In every session there is a "Download" button in the upper right corner. If you see green circle it means that pictures are still uploading but you always can download the photos that have already been uploaded. The download speed of images depends on the client/model's Internet speed. The better the internet, the faster the images will be uploaded to the photographer's profile.

Please be sure that your model doesn't delete the app from the phone before all pictures are uploaded to the profile.

If the uploading process has stopped then it could mean that:
- Internet connection is very slow at your model's place;
- Model's phone is turned off.

Important remark for iPhone users. Background upload is available for iOS but please know that it all depends on the iPhone and when it will decide to start the process. Most probably the uploading process will start when the phone is charged, a user is not actively using it and Internet is stable.

But if you need the pictures to be uploaded as fast as possible then ask your model to keep the app open on the main screen and uploading will start immediately and in "real-time". The speed of uploading depends on the speed of internet connection at your model's place.
How do I start?
If you are a photographer, then register at using your Google or Facebook account. After registration, you will instantly receive access to your personal account, from here you'll be able to conduct your first photo shoot.

Registration is not required for the client or model. The client/model installs on their phone (iPhone or Android) the application. It can be downloaded from the link below, it will automatically transfer them to the App Store or Google Play:
What is resolution of the images taken?
Shutter App allows the photographer to take pictures with any smartphone camera. As a result, you will receive the highest quality pictures possible for the phone you are shooting on. The size of the pictures is 3024px x 4032px or more, depending on the phone camera used.
Are the photographs saved on the client/model's phone?
No, the images taken are only available to the photographer in their personal account to protect copyright. For now, the model does not have access to images. More options will be available in the future.
I see a black screen, I can't see the client/model. What happened?
1. Check that you have logged into your personal account using the Chrome or Safari browser, the browsers must be with the latest updates.

2. Check your browser settings to see if access to the camera and microphone is prohibited.

3. Check your client/model's phone settings. They will need to grant you access to their camera and microphone.
There is no sound, I can't hear the client/model. What shall I do?
We know this is trivial, but please make sure you have your speakers turned on.

1. Check with your model that microphone access is permitted.

2. The model in the Shutter app has a button with a speaker. Check that this button is not pressed.

3. You can also ask the client/model to press this button to mute and unmute the microphone.

4. If the client/model simultaneously uses another application for a call during shooting, the microphone will be blocked from working within the application.
The client/model can't hear me. What shall I do?
1. Make sure your client/model's phone is not on mute and that the volume is turned up from minimum.

2. Pay attention to your microphone button (located under the round camera shutter button).
Click on it to mute and unmute the sound.

3. Make sure your microphone is turned on and you can access it.
The video is of poor quality and with a delay. Does this affects the quality of photos?
The speed and quality of the video depends on the quality of the Internet, Shutter App cannot influence this. Most likely, the location has a weak Internet connection, so there are several options to improve the situation:

1. Before starting the session select the mode with loading full-size photos after shooting. So, while shooting, you will only receive the previews and this will greatly facilitate your work and reduce the load on your phone and the Internet.

2. Check with the client/model for the type of internet connection they are using. For example, ask the model to turn off Wi-Fi on the phone or, on the contrary, turn it on.

3. If none of the options improve the quality of the phone's internet connection, try to find another location to shoot.

Note: We highly recommend before the actual photo shoot (if there is an opportunity) to test the location for internet connection and see how good it is there.
Connection is taking too long.
Check the client/model has a good Internet connection

Verify that the client/model has pressed the "begin session" button to respond to your invitation to commence the photo shoot.
Can I end and close the session if not all images have been downloaded?
Yes, you can finish, photos will be uploaded to your profile after the session ends. Please ask your client/model not to delete the app from their phone until all the photographs have been uploaded to the photographer's profile.

The download speed of images depends on the client/model's Internet speed. The better the internet, the faster the images will be uploaded to the photographer's profile.
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